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The Truth About New Zealand
Thinking of moving to New Zealand? Check out this website is by migrants, visitors and Kiwis themselves. Just what is it like to live in NZ?
How To Deal With The Cops
Cops are assholes. You can't trust them! They are NOT your friend! If you ever get in trouble, do this....By Tony Foote.
Were the 1960s and 1970s Better
Report on how great these two decades were, do you think the 60s and 70s were better than now? By: Tony Foote...
Quake! Destructive & Murderous
The shocking quake in Christchurch on Feb 22 2011 set off a huge cycle of destruction.... Read story by Tony Foote

Documentary Piece On NZ Jail
Read this documentary piece on New Zealand Jails in the 90s, complete with current opinion report....By: Tony Foote

Live by Credit - Die by Credit
The falacy of living well on credit and credit's terrible consequences....
Read article by Tony Foote

Welcome to The New Zealand Orator.
I am a freelance journalist and Managing Editor of The New Zealand Orator
It's my goal to weed out all the trash and fake news so you will have an enhanced news viewing experience.
We search the news daily so you don't have to. Get all the latest here.
Over the years I have produced many articles and writings of various sorts, some have caused major stirs - such as the simulated prison rape in Christchurch prison between two inmates who were about to be released as prison officers looked on and joined in at times. This story hit the news in 1995 and led to my being harrased and threatened by justice department staff - even though there were many, many witnesses! I have done polution pieces, one of which highlighted a serious issue which had not yet happened, but could easily have been stopped had I not been discredited!
That story was back in the 1990's where I highlighted the end result of the new dairy industry on serious river pollution. As we all know, that has come to pass.
I have many new stories to relay and more clean news to curate and send your way.
A feature of my stories is this.... If I have connected you to a story, it's too late!
Antony Foote...

I wrote this documentary about prisons and police in New Zealand back in the 1990's when I was a prisoner in New Zealand...Ed